Burn fat 4 Dummies - Losing the belly fat

Burn Fat 4 Dummies - How to lose the belly fat

Losing the belly fat is one of top priorities for men and women when it comes to losing weight and can be one of the hardest areas to lose fat. It is important to realise that there is no specific food, herb or supplement that will be able to get rid of a specific area of fat on your body. This is the trap many people fall into when they set their goals for losing weight and hope that a miracle food can help to do this.

The first thing everyone has to do to lose weight and get rid of the belly fat is to monitor your diet. It really is a simple case of lowering your calorie intake and getting a little exercise every day. Once you have done this for a few weeks you can concentrate on your abdominal area and begin to tone it. It is also important to note that men and women lose belly fat differently, for men the belly fat is usually the last area of the body you will lose fat.

This means for men that you will have to lose fat throughout your body before your belly fat will disappear. It can be frustrating for men to know that the belly fat is the last to go and a lot of men give up diets before their belly fat begins to go. If you keep going with your diet and you are generally losing weight keep going for the extra 7Ibs loss and your belly will start to go. This is a simple case of lowering your calorie intake and doing some exercise every day, yes it’s a pain in the butt but it is worth it.

To tone your abs the best way is to do some cardio work, crunches and strength training. This is the key to burning fat all over your body and not just the abs. however to get a six pack there is no getting away from exercise. 10 Exercises for burning fatmight help you to burn fat easily. Self discipline will be required for losing fat in the abdominal area and maintaining it will be easy once you have a new diet in place.

Reverse Crunch

The reverse crunches are by far the best of the best when it comes to burning lower belly fat away for good. You lay on your back on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you and your hands at your sides or behind your head. Take your legs and lift them so they are off the floor and cross your legs at your knees. You then pull your legs towards you and lift your hips off from the floor, making sure that your back is flat on the floor throughout this entire exercise. Repeat this reverse crunch in sets of 10-12 repetitions to begin with and raise them as your abdomen muscles progress.

Leg raises

Next you have the choice of the leg raises. This is a simple exercise to understand but the results are phenomenal. You lay on your back on the floor with your hands at your sides and as close to your body as possible. From here you simply raise your legs, keeping them straight and together, pushing your abs into the floor during this process. Bring them back down and repeat. It is amazing how much you will feel this simple exercise and this is a great exercise to help relieve tension in the lower back as well.

Food and Drink

Lastly, it is important to take note on the foods and beverages going into your body. If all you drink is caffeine than maybe it is time to eliminate these toxins and replace them with water. The same goes for processed and fatty foods that can be replaced with fresh vegetables that can not only lower your weight but increase the nutrients you place in your body as well. With the combination of exercises and a healthy nutritious diet, you are well on your way to losing that lower belly fat.

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