Burn Fat 4 Dummies

5 Tips for losing weight with Burn Fat 4 Dummies

Tip #1:
Set a goal!

To lose weight you will want to know how much weight you want to lose. Have a target weight in mind and make sure it is exact and know how much you are losing.

Tip #2:
Bin the daily scales routine

Don’t jump on the scales every day, choose a day of the week and on that day step onto the scales in the morning and keep track of your weight.

Tip #3:
Track your progress

You will be more motivated if you track your weight loss. Set up a simple spreadsheet or write down your weight every week when you weigh yourself. This way you will stay motivated to keep losing weight and know your plan is working.

Tip #4:
Eat regularly

Skipping meals throughout the day simply does not work. A lot of dieters think by missing meals they will lose weight. The truth is your body needs fuel regularly, if it doesn’t get it your body thinks it has to store food in case of emergencies. When your body gets used to food coming regulalrly it will not need to store it for emergencies. This increases your metabolism and with an increased metabolism you will lose more weight.

Tip #5:
It’s all in the water

Did you know by drinking plenty of water every day your body will burn an extra 4500 calories per month. Drinking plenty of water, 2 litres per day, will increase your metabolism.

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